Zero Hours Contracts Trimmed


Exclusivity Clauses Outlawed

From 26th May 2015 Zero Hours Contracts that prevent employees from working elsewhere or require the employee to get consent from the employer before working elsewhere, are void and cannot be enforced.

This change comes along with a statutory definition of a ‘Zero Hours Contract’: in a nutshell, it is when paid work is conditional on the employer providing it and there is no guarantee that work will be provided.

These types of contracts have been in the limelight for a while now; mostly because some employers use them unfairly and unscrupulously. A recent example is provided by Sports Direct, who employ the vast majority of employees at their depot (around 4,700) on Zero Hours Contracts.

However, it is still perfectly legitimate to use a Zero Hours Contract where there is a bona fide requirement for flexibility. We can provide your business with a contract template that is fair and legal.

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