Human resources and employment law consultancy services

Employers face difficult challenges in implementing human resource processes and procedures. HR processes must be properly resourced, and advice from suitably qualified HR/employment law professionals is often necessary.

HR procedures must be carefully planned to provide an opportunity to correct mistakes and minimise adverse risks and negative outcomes.

SDC HR can simplify this for you. We have the experience and knowledge to advise and assist you in all areas of HR and employment law, including:

      • Investigation meetings
      • Advising on process
      • Investigation reports
      • Conduct of formal meetings
      • Report writing

Our bespoke consultancy services include the following:

      • A dedicated Consultant by your side whenever you need one
      • Out-of-hours services for when emergencies or unexpected circumstances occur
      • An experienced Tribunal Advocate, to provide high level advice on technical issues and tactics
      • HR and Legal Services working in tandem to provide a rigorous defence in the event of an Employment Tribunal claim

From routine affairs to more complex, high risk situations, we can provide you with trustworthy, reliable advice in line with your organisation’s needs. You decide the level of assistance you require, delivered at your convenience, when you require it.

Our integrated legal and HR services means that you are always receiving legally sound HR advice.

We are not a telephone advice-based service, or a call centre. We offer a bespoke, personalised service, which is always tailored to your needs.

Please contact us to enquire further about how we can help you with HR and employment law issues.

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