We deliver training where it best suits your business: where you are. An hour long training course takes your managers through the essentials and explains how to handle SPL.


The Shared Parental Leave & Pay System is available at cost of £295.00 + VAT. To order the system

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Follow the links below to see samples of the Policy and Forms:
Shared Parental Leave Policy
Shared Parental Leave Application Form

Our Shared Parental Leave & Pay System

Our Shared Parental Leave & Pay System

You need a Policy to explain the rules for shared leave and set out how your business will deal with requests.

The Regulations are lengthy and complex, so it is essential to have a concise but comprehensive Policy to assist managers and employees.

Our Policy deals with all key considerations and links to bespoke Forms.

Shared Parental Leave & Pay Forms

There are different requirements placed on mothers, adopters and partners. The rules for leave and pay are also different.

We've sweated this one for you (it took ages)!

Our forms ensure that all necessary and relevant information is captured.

They also encourage employees to provide as much information about their intentions as possible at the outset: so you can begin to plan cover.

The system is clear, in plain English, and sets out in full the requirements placed upon both employers and employees. We feel confident that we can operate this system. Very many thanks for, once again, providing us with just the kind of HR documentation that we require: accurate, up to date, and straight forward to use.

Becky Jones
Director of Performance and Risk, Rescue Global