Pay and Work Rights Complaints

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Employees who want to whistle blow on their employers


It is not a subject most employers care to consider very much, after all, most employers intend to have their house in compliant, good order. Also one hopes that an employee who has a serious concern will bring it to their employer’s attention first, but this does not always happen.

The Government has recently updated the ‘Pay and Work Rights Complaints Form’, which is available on the website. The idea is simple: got a complaint about the national minimum wage, an employment agency, or working hours? Then complain directly to the relevant government department. Wage offenders are ‘named and shamed’ on and enforcement bodies are notified and the complaint investigated.

Essentially, the problem is taken out of the employer’s hands and the opportunity for low level resolution is lost.

But how do you encourage employees who have grievances and serious complaints to feel confident enough to raise them directly? The answer is simple but frequently overlooked:

You need to have Grievance and Whistleblowing Policies in place, these documents need to be easy to read and understand (i.e. not lengthy and complex), and your employees need to have been given, or have easy access to them.

It doesn’t need to be costly or difficult either; if you need your old policies updated and made user friendly, or you have nothing in place and recognise the benefits of getting this sorted then do as the Four Tops sang: ‘reach out‘ to us.

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