SSP no longer reclaimable by Employers

From 06/04/14 Employers will no longer be able to reclaim Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) from the Government.

The SSP Percentage Threshold Revocation Order 2014 abolishes arrangements under which Employers could recover amounts paid to employees as SSP. There are some transitional provisions for days of sickness absence prior to 06/04/14.

The money saved will be used to fund the new Health & Work Service, due in April 2015. This scheme is aimed at assisting Employers to help sick employees to return to work and will provide Occupational Health Assessments for employees who are absent for more than 4 weeks.

The Government says that removing the £50 million per annum previously reimbursed to Employers will better incentivise them to assist sick employees to return to work! I paraphrase: but this is essentially the excuse being given!

As Employers who regularly use Occupational Health Advisors will know: it is essential to think very carefully about the questions that need to be answered; those who make open or loose referrals can expect to receive an Assessment that is of little (if any) use.