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Taking the headache out of HR

Employment law is complex and constantly changing. Employers need to be aware of the liability risks in any decision that involves an employee. Failure to appreciate these and take appropriate action may result in penalties that are not only costly, but also damaging to your reputation.

Employee recruitment, management and relations are crucial to your organisation’s success. It is essential to implement and manage human resource processes correctly and consistently. The costs and risks you face if you fail to do this are significant.

Understanding HR and employment law can be confusing. Getting it right takes time and expertise. Often it is not viable to dedicate sufficient in-house resources to these challenges without overburdening senior staff, leaving them with little time to focus on essential day-to-day management.

SDC HR manages human resource and employment law challenges for UK businesses and schools and those who hold positions of responsibility within them.

Our integrated approach to our HR, training and employment law services means that we will take full ownership of the challenges you face, so that your senior staff can devote their full attention to their core responsibilities without worrying about HR issues.

We are committed to delivering the best outcome for you.

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